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Active Power
Active Power, Inc.
Active Power is a U.S. based manufacturer that provides efficient, reliable and green backup power solutions to enterprises with zero tolerance for downtime. Intelligently Efficient. Active Power has the most energy and space efficient backup power solution available in the market today. That means we protect more power in less space, all while reducing uninterruptible power supply (UPS) related energy losses. Inherently Reliable. Our systems have been quietly spinning in real applications for more than 68 million hours. And a recent research study found Active Power flywheel solutions to be seven times less likely to fail than conventional UPS systems with batteries. Economically Green. Active Power systems can save customers up to 60 percent on total cost of ownership, paying for themselves in five years. Plus, they may help qualify organizations for lucrative energy savings programs with local utility companies. With a highly reliable solution that delivers consistent, predictable performance over its 20-year life, more and more successful global companies are turning to Active Power. Terremark, Sun Microsystems, HP, Alticor, Star Technology Group, Tesco and many other organizations who demand 100 percent uptime are choosing Active Power solutions to protect their data centers.
CoolcentricTM delivers the world's most energy and space efficient cooling solutions for reducing data center costs. Coolcentric's LiquiCool® products for rack level cooling, combined with services for integration, deployment, and sustainability of data center thermal solutions, allow customers to optimize their data centers for maximum performance and return on investment.
For more information, please visit www.coolcentric.com, or call Coolcentric at +1 508.203.4690.
Expanding on our expertise in the data centre, DAXTEN offers services designed to optimize the cooling efficiency and distribute power in the Data Centre. If you are concerned with hot spots, intermittent equipment failures, minimizing bypass airflow, reducing capital costs, or extending the life cycle of your current hardware, then the following products can help maintain your uptime. We believe in optimizing your existing environment in order to reduce energy costs and hardware failures. Often minor changes can reduce energy costs in excess of 50%. The return on investment is almost always less than 3-6 months - not including the added savings through fewer hardware failures. In addition DAXTEN distributes the Starline Busbar system throughout Europe, which is a unique continuous access power distribution busbar designed specifically for the Data Centre.
For more information visit www.daxten.com.
DigiPower Manufacturing Inc.
DigiPower Manufacturing Inc.
DGP focus on designing and manufacturing intelligent power products for our OEM/ODM customers, included rack PDU and IP PDU. Besides, we are also developing related products and integrating power management for commercial data center and industries use. Our main products include Basic PDU, Metered PDU, Monitored PDU, Switched PDU, 3 phase PDU, DC PDU and Special tailored-made PDU that provide our customers with the most efficient, reliable and user friendly IP addressable power distribution and ease of use power management solution.
During the years, DGP has learned our competitiveness is based on quality, cost and on time delivery. We insist on making a strict testing on our products. To ensure quality of product is first important thing!
Digi International
Digi International
Digi International is making wireless M2M easy by developing reliable products and solutions to connect and securely manage local or remote electronic devices over the network or via the Web. Digi offers the highest levels of performance, flexibility and quality, and markets its products through a global network of distributors and resellers, systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
For more information, visit Digi's Web site at www.digi.com, or call 877-912-3444.
Electrorack Enclosure Products
Electrorack Enclosure Products
Electrorack Enclosure Products has emerged as the premier industry resource for data centers in the design, development, and delivery of next-generation solutions that address increased heat loads, equipment compaction, and power densities. Incorporating a myriad of innovative technologies, all designed and manufactured in the USA, Electrorack's innovation extends to every detail, and results in a host of practical applications and solutions that are critical to data center operations. Electrorack's build-to-order enclosures are designed specifically to meet the needs of the most complex data centers, ship pre-configured, and incorporate cabling, power, and cooling options, resulting in significant time and cost savings for clients. A customer-driven product portfolio includes aisle containment systems, scalable blanking panels, active heat containment systems, and custom PDUs that help clients meet their "green" goals through reduced energy costs and improved operating efficiencies. Electrorack's customer-centric approach to providing its clients with solutions that achieve tangible, quantifiable results has formed the basis of its success over five decades. Data center professionals don't view Electrorack as a rack "vendor," but rather as a true partner that serves to help them reduce costs, maximize space, and increase efficiencies.
Contact Electrorack at www.electrorack.com, or by calling 800.433.6745.
Elliptical Mobile Solutions
Elliptical Mobile Solutions
Since its founding, Elliptical Mobile Solutions has taken a "ground level" approach in an effort to reinvent the data center industry using energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, mobility, and high-availability as its guiding principles. Today, it is the only tech company in the world to build Micro-Modular Data CentersTM (MMDCs) at the rack level with onboard cooling, security, and fire suppression. EMS's enclosures offer a patented closed loop cooling that provides containment of the hot and cold isles within the rack so that cooling is applied directly to the equipment. This allows for optimal temperature control. Companies can save up to 80% in cooling costs and 50% in electrical costs vs. a traditional data center. Other features include a patented weight-adaptive suspension system that significantly reduces the effects of shock, vibration and motion to rack-mounted equipment. EMS's C3-S.P.E.A.R. and S.P.E.A.R. enclosures offer a self-propelled feature that allows one person to move up to 1,000 pounds of electronic equipment as the push of a button. The R.A.S.E.R. can be moved with a pallet jack. EMS is based in Chandler, AZ.
To learn more about EMS and its mobile, self-contained, high-density and energy-efficient MMDCs, please visit: www.ellipticalmedia.com.
Minicom Advanced Systems
Minicom Advanced Systems
Using Minicom's remote management solutions, AccessITTM and KVM.net® II, IT administrators have on-demand, web-based remote access together with mission critical power distribution control of all servers and IT devices. Power commands are seamlessly sent through a single interface without the need for a separate login and password. This integration dramatically increases IT efficiency and reduces down time in crisis situations. If an IT administrator is accessing a server through AccessITTM and an urgent reboot is required, a simple click on the power icon to the left of the server name performs the function. Administrators no longer require multiple spreadsheets of IP addresses, passwords and user names to manage access to their IT systems. This versatility, which has a direct impact on IT efficiency, can reduce hardware management costs by as much as 75 percent.
Minicom Advanced Systems provides KVM remote access, extension and management solutions designed to expedite and simplify IT services. Tailored for IT managers who need secure, centralized, and seamless access to their mixed IT environments, these solutions enable local, remote, in-band and out-of-band access and management. Minicom's unique approach maximizes past investments in IT infrastructure, installation, and training while adding innovative technology, resulting in reduced costs and increased productivity.
For more information, visit www.minicom.com.
Power Distribution, Incorporated
Power Distribution, Incorporated
PDI is a closely held specialized manufacturer of electrical equipment for computer data centers, industrial and commercial buildings, and alternative energy applications. PDI is headquartered in Richmond,Virginia and also has manufacturing facilities in Howell,Michigan and Costa Mesa, CA. PDI is owned by Bertram Capital out of San Mateo CA.
Contact PDI at www.pdicorp.com, or by calling 800-225-4838.
Server Technology
Server Technology
Server Technology Inc., established in 1984, designs and manufactures rack mountable intelligent power distribution units and products to reduce downtime and improve data center power management. The company's line of SentryTM products eliminates unnecessary trips to remote locations and minimizes the impact of locked-up internetworking equipment on business critical networks. Products include intelligent Cabinet Power Distribution Units (PDUs), that provide power management via IP, branch circuit protection, input current power monitoring, environmental monitoring and serial console port access. Server Technology provides solutions using both basic and 3 Phase Power units, including Delta and Wye configurations. Launched in 2009, Server Tech now offers a PDU with per outlet power sensing (POPS). Available for both AC and DC power supply, these products enable remote power control (off, on, reboot) of servers and internetworking devices in data centers, remote equipment rooms, POP sites, Telco central offices and co-location facilities. These products have a variety of applications, including server management, data center power management, monitoring and control of power useage, maintaining backbone equipment and Customer Premise Equipment. We look forward to helping you find a solution to your data center power needs and provide power management.
Uptime Devices, Inc.
Uptime Devices, Inc.
Founded in 2001, Uptime Devices, Inc. is the leading provider of environmental and security monitoring appliances. Uptime Devices' award winning products provide disaster prevention and early warning detection of equipment failures. Uptime Devices has a large customer base including Fortune 500 companies, small and medium sized businesses, federal and state government agencies. Headquartered in Austin TX, additional Uptime Devices information is available at www.remotephysicalmonitor.com.
Vette Corp
Vette Corp
Vette Corp is a global thermal management solutions provider specializing in solving thermal challenges for sustainable data center and communications services facilities, as well as for OEM's of computer, communications and industrial electronic equipment. Vette's LiquiCool solution delivers the world's most energy and space efficient cooling solutions for reducing data center costs. Vette can help data center managers reduce energy consumed by indoor cooling units by up to 88%, reduce white space by up to 84%, increase rack density by 5X and provide 1 year or less payback period. Vette Corp is privately held and headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.
For additional information about Vette Corp, please visit www.vettecorp.com or contact Vette at +1 508.203.4690.
Wright Line
Wright Line
Wright Line is a leading designer and developer of command/control environments, data centers and technical labs. Incorporating expertise in modular design, ergonomics, airflow management and green standards to these workplace solutions, Wright Line helps customers conserve capital, meet evolving business goals, address sustainable energy needs and adhere to technology requirements.
In the data center, the company's scalable designs - which can reduce energy costs up to 35% annually - focus on an overall approach to handling data center environmental operations, including the efficient management of existing cooling, power distribution and cabling infrastructure - optimizing data center airflow. This approach provides the flexibility to implement incremental IT equipment additions, without investing in additional infrastructure.
Professional services include Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling that constructs a virtual representation of your data center, modeling the impact of load distribution within the facility as well as the flow of hot and cold air within the space. CFD modeling is essential for fine tuning your current facility to optimize its efficiency, and can demonstrate how to increase your rack densities and server installations without creating additional hot spot and airflow issues.
The company, headquartered in Worcester, MA, can be contacted by email at info@wrightline.com or by phone, 800.225.7348.

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