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Cables Cables lie at the heart of your data center. Every unnecessary cable is wasted space and money, contributing to chaos and disorganization.

Streamline your space. Connect cables that work for your IT infrastructure. Don't add to cable clutter.

Our cable partners offer a variety of different cables. Choose the cables that are a match with your specific needs.

Click on any of the partner logos below to learn more about their offerings.
Our Cable Partners
Power Distribution, Incorporated
Power Distribution, Incorporated
PDI is a closely held specialized manufacturer of electrical equipment for computer data centers, industrial and commercial buildings, and alternative energy applications. PDI is headquartered in Richmond,Virginia and also has manufacturing facilities in Howell,Michigan and Costa Mesa, CA. PDI is owned by Bertram Capital out of San Mateo CA.
Contact PDI at www.pdicorp.com, or by calling 800-225-4838.

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