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Benefits and Features of the DCA
Data Center Alliance The Data Center Alliance offers members excellent opportunities to maximize the value of their professional relationship with Minicom, a business development initiative designed to ensure that members get their message to the right places.

Exposure to New Markets

Members of the program gain strategic positioning in the following forums:
  • Your company's message with your company logo on the Data Center Alliance web site, hosted and maintained by Minicom

  • Collaborative road shows on a regular basis

  • Sponsor online advertising managed by Minicom Partner, such as Google Ad campaigns

  • Periodic inclusion in the Data Center Alliance newsletters

  • Collaborative trade show booths with shared resources and expenses

  • Co-authored white papers
Lead Generation

The Data Center Alliance gives members credibility and access, making it easier for them to expand their client base.

Some avenues for members to generate leads include:
  • Participation in Minicom hosted webinars, with access to attendee contact information

  • Social networking activities and promotion led by Minicom, to include the creation and management of a Linked in group, a corporate Twitter account, and a blog

  • Networking at Minicom's meeting of all DCA members
Training and Expertise

Members of the Data Center Alliance enjoy access to:
  • Demo equipment for trade shows

  • Minicom training and reseller events for your sales people and engineers

  • Minicom's sales/tech support people for joint sales calls, when relevant

  • The Minicom Resource Center, an archive of webinars, podcasts, and other resources
Member Participation in the DCA

Once joining the program, here are some of the contributions members will be expected to make:
  • Cross-linking

  • Displaying the DCA logo

  • Joint sales and marketing activities with DCA partners such as webinars, collaborative trade show booths, and co-authored white papers

  • Promoting the program through your sales and technical teams, as well as your customer base

  • Sending out a press release promoting the program

  • Active participation in DCA social media marketing activities

  • An annual fee, TBD, for participation in the program

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