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Minicom's "Real Needs" White Paper #1 - Protect Your IT Investment with KVM IP Management
KVM IP Management for Today's IT Budget Add-on Technology that maximizes your IT installed base
Fortunately, there exists a Real Needs approach that allows you to cost-effectively achieve remote access and management by adding a KVM IP technology layer on top of your existing analog switches thereby preserving and maximizing your current investment. Please read Minicom’s new white paper that elaborates on this Real Needs approach.

Data Center Centralized Management - How to Achieve Cost-Efficient Data Center Growth
Cost-Efficient Data Center Growth Implementing a centralized management system for your globally distributed KVM infrastructure can require the disposal of multiple up and running, in-place KVM switches causing a major headache for corporations that have invested years in acquiring and configuring their KVM devices. This white paper explains how to achieve cost-efficient data center growth through centralized management that leverages your existing KVM infrastructure.

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